States revolutionized the hardwood plywood industry in 1992 with the introduction of NOVA ultraviolet cured prefinished panels. Today prefinished panels are part of all major supplier’s offering, but NOVA still leads all others in quality of finish and the breadth of finishes available.

NOVA panels offer many advantages for small shops and large manufacturers alike. In addition to reducing manufacturing time and increasing throughput, the standard NOVA finish is durable and extremely chemically resistant. Best of all, UV flat line finishing is the most cost effective system in use today. NOVA panels typically lower finishing costs significantly.

Ultraviolet Curing Technology
UV curing technology allows us to apply one sealer and two, 100% solid epoxy acrylate topcoats. These coatings contain no formaldehyde, and emit no volatile organic compounds in manufacture or use. NOVA finishes are extremely durable, showing no effects from solvents or household chemicals. NOVA meets the Woodwork Institute of California’s laboratory grade standard for vertical surfaces. Overspray from other finish operations can be wiped from NOVA surfaces with acetone.

Stocked Items are:
Maple, Rotary Cut – Finished one side and finished two sides

Red Oak, Rotary Cut – Finished one side and finished two sides

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