LG Viatera


What is LG Viatera®?
lgviateraLG Viatera®, categorized as quartz surfacing, is the newest addition to the LG family of countertop surfacing products. LG Viatera® is composed of quartz blended with advanced polymer resins and colorfast pigments. The manufacturing process takes place under intense heat and pressure. The innovative design combined with cutting edge technology makes LG Viatera® the highest quality quartz surfacing material available. LG Viatera® is 93% natural quartz providing an extremely durable living environment for the most demanding of consumers. The versatile color palette will satisfy all your surfacing needs. Unlike Granite or Marble, LG Viatera® does not need topical sealing, allowing lasting beauty with very little maintenance. LG Viatera® appeals to those who prefer the elegant look of stone, but desire a product that is easy to maintain and like all LG countertop surfacing products, is backed by the industry leading 15 year warranty.

When was LG Viatera® Created?
Launched in 2004, the LG Viatera® brand is rapidly making its name in the surfacing industry. However, similar quartz surfacing materials have existed for over 20 years in Italy. Due to the innovative ways the product can be used, quartz surfacing is becoming the material of choice for design projects of all types.

Where is LG Viatera® Manufactured?
LG Viatera® is made in Italy exclusively for the sole distribution by LG Solid Source, LLC.

Allegheny Plywood is happy to be able to offer our customers LG HI-MACS products. For more information, please contact us or visit LG Viatera on the web.

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